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lee_mead's Journal

Lee Mead Fans
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Fansite for Lee Mead - star of 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'
A community for all things related to Lee Mead. Icons, banners, discussion and general Lee!Squee!

Yes, we are allowed to swim in the shallow pool sometimes.

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To achieve the aims of this community we would ask all members to adhere to the following rules:

1) We want to encourage intelligent and constructive discussion as well as lighthearted posting. Feel free to also post artwork, icons or banners as well, but please put anything other than 3 teaser icons behind a LJ cut.

2) There will be ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING in this community. None. Ever. We are all here to discuss a man of whom we are all fans, therefore sensible rational discussion is expected from all members. No second chances, no excuses. You do this, we will feed you to the Lord. And you wouldn't want that.

3) A decent standard of spelling and grammar is expected from our members. Text speak is not permitted at all. Netspeak is permitted to a certain extent, as long as it doesn’t overwhelm the entire post.

4) Gossip about Lee is not permitted. We are fans of Lee, we admire his work and we respect his right to keep his personal life separate from his professional life. Our members are expected to do the same. This also applies to gossip and speculation regarding the personal lives of anyone else associated with 'Any Dream Will Do' or the production of 'Joseph'. We are not the National Enquirer.

5) LJ-cuts should be used where appropriate – lengthy discussions, large pictures (300 pixels wide) etc. Please remember that it's also kind to dial-up users to warn in your lj-cut if your post has very large images. Use your better judgement, and be considerate of others. DO NOT HOTLINK TO ANY IMAGES posted in the community. DO NOT take the comm banner and icon to use on your own LJs/websites. If you wish to use any graphics posted in this comm on external sites, please contact the mods at the comm email address and we will contact the designers.

This community is dedicated to Lee Mead and is not a general 'Any Dream Will Do' or 'Joseph' forum - although of course, discussions about Lee will inevitably lead to discussions about the rest of the contestants, other show-related matters and the musical. We have no problem with that but please remember this is, first and foremost, a Lee Mead comm.

6) Please tag your posts. There is a list of tags for the comm and please check to see whether or not your post falls within any of these categories.

6) Please do not post asking for links to download episodes of 'Any Dream Will Do'. The reasons for this should be self explanatory.

7) Do not post asking for or offering links to music that is available to buy. Should Lee record anything in the future, show your support for him and go and buy it. Any links posted will immediately be deleted.

8) Feel free to pimp this community on your own LJs or elsewhere on the web - the more Lee fans that are here the better. We would like to show our support for him and obviously the more the merrier.

9) If you violate any comm rules you will be warned. If a member is in breach of the community rules, one of the mods will bring this to their attention. If this happens a second time, you will be banned. The exception to this is rule #2 - You flame, you troll, you're out. Non-negotiable.

10) If you would like to pimp a general 'Any Dream Will Do' or 'Joseph' comm, we would ask that you only do this ONCE and use no excessive graphics. PLEASE do not do the thing where you are posting the comm name 18 times.

11) These rules are interpreted by the mods, and decisions are made by them, according to their views and discretion. Arguing with them is likely to be counterproductive.

We hope you enjoy your time in this community and we would love to hear your opinions. Constructive input from our members is greatly appreciated.

Artwork designed and maintained by the wonderful txvoodoo. Icons and banners by the always fantastic jhava. Don't feel too sorry about all the hours of work they put in - they got to spend them looking at pictures of Lee Mead. It's a tough job but it's gotta be done...

Part of the Lee Mead fanlisting. Please visit them and sign up to show your support for Lee.

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